RealBoy Vita emulator released (UPDATED)

Xerpi is at it again and after releasing FTPVita and CHIP-8 emulator VITA-8, he brings us first native GB/CGB/SGB emulator for PS Vita.


Just a few hours ago we informed you about SMOKE’s native NES emulator NES4Vita, and now xerpi(FTPVita, VITA-8) released his GameBoy/GameBoy Color/Super Game Boy emulator called RealBoy Vita. RealBoy Vita is a port of a “complete, fast, yet accurate” emulator RealBoy, originally created by serginho89 for Linux/Unix.

At the moment, RealBoy Vita runs GameBoy, GameBoy Color games, but GameBoy Color games are currently not playable in color (so it’s like normal GameBoy), because there’s a bug that needs to be fixed and Super Game Boy. RealBoyVita runs without sound, all bugs are fixed. Some roms work, some don’t, you’ll have to try it yourself. I’ve experienced occasional crashes when I was changing games. (see “Additional info” below).
Super Game Boy games aren’t working yet.

How to use it:
– using FTPVita, transfer roms to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/ (you can even create another subfolders in here, like “GameBoy Roms” or “GameBoy Color”)
– drop realboy_fixup.elf on run_homebrew.bat, a menu should load
– navigate to the rom you want to play and press X/Start
– go back using Circle
– in the game, press Start to Pause and Unpause the game

Additional info:
– press L + triangle to change games (you will be returned to the menu)
– saves are stored in cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/Documents/realboy/saves
– compatible roms in the menu are written in green, and other files (such as uvloader.log) can’t be launched (to prevent crashes)

Download RealBoy Vita (this is regularly updated by xerpi)

Realboy-vita with file scrolling support (for those with TONS of roms).
GitHub repo

I know there are a lot of people who want GameBoy Advance emulator. I have good news for you:

That’s all about RealBoy Vita for now, we will keep you updated.

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Journalism student at Charles University in Prague who likes to write about video games and hacking. I mostly play on PS Vita and PC.

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  1. The only damn thing about all of this, 20ko/s FTP transfer haha.

    Thank you !

  2. Nice to see all these emulators being ported to another system. Am I understanding correctly – you must remain tethered to usb/pc to use these vita homebrew?

  3. why almost all the emulators are made without sound???

  4. Rodrigo Gutierrez

    Roms GBC IN RealBoy

  5. always this shitty emulator.

  6. Hi guys can you create tutorial about how to install this kind of homebrew on ps vita! I’d really like to play it but I have no idea on how to run it!
    thanks in advance to all of you who will help 🙂

  7. The roms won’t start for me? Why?

  8. Pokemon glazed and light platinum