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Hardware Review: EDFX–Krikzz’ Video Out Solution for PCE/TG16

The PC Engine and the Turbo Grafx 16 came at a time when there was almost a normalized video-out solution, but was still a bit “wild west”. Your modern-day consoles all use HDMI which is interchangeable and work on every current TV with just one cable. Our review today is …

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Hardware Review: Turbo Everdrive PRO–Krikzz’ Newest Everdrive for PCE/TG16

Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening. We’ve got another Krikzz special for you today, the recently released Turbo Everdrive PRO for the PCEngine family of consoles. We’re going to go into a lot of details for this product, the only thing I won’t be doing is comparing it to the version before it. …

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Hardware Review: Turbo Everdrive

I know it’s starting to feel like a “Flash Cart of the Month” around here, but darn it if we don’t love experimenting and sharing our results! Today’s results are compliments of first-time contributors, EverdriveMe. We’ll have purchase links and website links at the end. But for now, I want …

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