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Hardware Review: RGB Blaster by Krikzz

Today we’ve got another Krikzz product to share with you all by way of Everdrive.ME. There will be purchase links at the bottom, but let’s discuss it and make sure that you’re all in on this piece of retro tech! Description & Features Plug and Play RGB+Audio output for you …

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Hardware Review: KrzysioCarts (Flashcarts) for NES/Famicom

Let’s take a trip to Poland today! We’ve got two products from Krzysiobal and they’re flashcarts. We’ve all used flashcarts at this point. Some of us have used the brilliant ones from Krikzz. Some of us have used Chinese clones to varying results. So how do the KrzysioCarts fare in …

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Game Review: Slow Mole for NES/Famicom

New homebrew games happen often enough, but also, not often enough! Today’s entry into the hombrew world is already on update 1.2 (as of the time of this writing). However, I got to not only play the game, but I also have a physical copy that has version 1.1 written …

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