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PSVita TN-V, TNX, TN-C & ARK FW 3.36/3.50/3.55


tn-v bubble

 Super TN-V game exploit pack for everything from firmware 3.18 to 3.50 you can download hereTN-V superpack



ARK and TN-V FW 3.36/3.50/3.51/3.52/3.55Ark psvita

Firmware Exploit Game Region(s) Download
FW 3.50 Ape Escape: On the Loose US FW350_APE_US_TNV11.zip
FW 3.50 Pool Hall Pro US FW350_PHP_US_TNV11.zip
FW 3.50 World of Pool EU FW350_WOP_EU_TNV11.zip
FW 3.36 Numblast / Qruton EU, US, JP FW336_Numblast_TNV11.zip
FW 3.36 HotBrain US FW336_HotBrain_TNV11.zip
FW 3.36 Ape Escape: On the Loose US FW336_APE_US_TNV11.zip
FW 3.36 Pool Hall Pro US FW336_PHP_US_TNV11.zip
FW 3.36 World of Pool EU FW336_WOP_EU_TNV11.zip

TN-V bubble without an exploit game and here is how you can do that:


FW 1.00 – 3.36: 3.50_TN-V_BUBBLE.zip 

FW 3.5X: FW352_TN-V11_bubble.zip



FW 3.55:  Mimana Iyar Chronicle exploit and how to set it up.

Download: Mimana Iyar Chronicle

MirrorMimana Iyar Chronicle


  1. tnv-6 and 7 have the same mega link.

  2. the tekken 2 us PS TV doesn´t work

  3. Is this going to get released for 3.51 at any point or is it actually completely patched?

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