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Custom Bubbles by qwikrazor87


This trick will allow you to install your favourite Homebrews as bubbles to launch directly from the live area. No need for VHBL or eCFW at all.

However this is not the first trick which allowed the 'custom bubbles' but is compared to the first methods (&-trick, re-birth) way much easier to do and thus replacing all old tutorials.

This method works for EVERY Vita Firmware as of now!

Note: To install a 'fake-signed' PBOOT.PBP file on Firmware 3.50 - 3.52 you can either use the mail writing trick or swap the memory card with an older Firmware Vita. For 3.36 and below you can just use any eCFW with I/O patches or the mail writer of course.

If you however are on 3.55, you would need to buy an exploit game and use qwikrazor's pboot installer (see the ARK / TN-V tab for more details and files), or alternatively apply the PBOOT.PBP manually via VHBL or another lower firmware vita!

And if you happen to run any higher firmware, like 3.57 for example, you can still use the created bubbles but are out of luck to create them on your firmware!

Best way of installing for different firmwares:

up to 3.36 - Use any eCFW or the FailMail trick to write a PBOOT.PBP to any game.

3.50 to 3.52 - Use the FailMail trick to write a PBOOT.PBP to any game.

3.55 - You need an exploit game to install the PBOOT.PBP

3.57 - You can't create any new bubbles for now (but still use formerly created ones)

3.60 - You can use HENkaku to write the custom PBOOTs directly to ux0:pspemu/

3.61 to 3.63 - You can use the backup editing via PSVIMGtools

Tutorials & Guides Compilation

[Tutorial] How to create and install a PBOOT.PBP Homebrew Bubble
(you might want to directly install a launcher bubble instead, see below)

[Tutorial] Emulator Bubbles(3.60 - 3.63)

[Tutorial] How to make homebrew & emulator Pboot bubbles(3.60 - 3.63)

[Tutorial] How to create Homebrew Bubbles with PSVIMGTools (3.60 - 3.63)

[Tutorial] How to install a ARK-2 Bubble without any exploitgame (3.00 - 3.52)

[Tutorial] How to install a TN-V Bubble without any exploitgame (3.00 - 3.52)

[Tutorial] How to install a VHBL Bubble without any exploitgame (3.00 - 3.52)

[Tutorial] How to install a custom PSone (Re-Birth) Bubble (3.00 - 3.52)

[Tutorial] How to fully customize PSP/Vita Bubbles


PBOOT_homebrew_loader.zip by qwikrazor87

PSone Loader (release.zip) by TheFlow

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I backup my Bubbles with CMA?


Can I change the icon and name of my backed up Bubble?

Yes, just edit the param.sfo and icon0.png in sce_sys folder.

Last updated:
November 28, 2017