JSAUX releases free 3D printing Toolkit for the Steam Deck Modcase

JSAUX has recently released an innovative 3D printing tool kit that offers limitless opportunities for customizing the Steam Deck. Designed especially for ModCase users, this latest 3D printing solution is a game-changer. With six brand new parts, ready to be 3D printed, the tool kit comes fully loaded and equipped with all the necessary Stp files. This empowers ModCase fans to create adapters and accessories that are perfectly tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

The toolkit at hand lets users craft a Deckmate adapter, Hard drive adapter, TF card slot, universal adapter, VESA-styled mount, and even a wall mount for the Modcase.


  • 1. A Deckmate adapter, after using this part you will airlift easy-to-fit Deckmate accessories in Modcase protective case.
  • 2. A hard drive adapter with its own style of adapter, that will replace the ModCase’s kickstand. This allows you to connect an external hard drive to the case and still be able to use the cooling fan.
  • 3. A TF card slot for microSD cards.
  • 4. A universal adapter, mount your accessories like a charging bank, hard disk box, or others to your Steam Deck.
  • 5. A VESA-styled mount, like the one used on modern gaming monitors, to help you adapt the position of your Steam Deck.
  • 6. A wall mount is perfect to use when you want to enjoy your games on a TV.

With JSAUX’s latest toolkit, modders are now presented with an abundance of options to personalize their ModCase. The world of modding is constantly evolving with new and innovative ideas being introduced to enhance the gaming experience. Luckily, this toolkit provides the necessary tools to turn those ideas into reality. Whether it’s changing the aesthetics or adding custom features to your ModCase, the possibilities are limitless. So, with the help of JSaux’s toolkit, let your creativity run wild and take your modding adventures to new heights!

So what are you waiting for? Download the kit today and start creating!

3D toolkit files



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