Taito’s making a mini arcade cabinet called The EGRET II…

Just like all the other gaming companies Taito is also jumping on the mini-console trend with the ERET II mini. You can preorder the Egret II Mini at PlayAsia.com for $170 bucks..


From the looks, it might remind you of the Sega Astro City mini or the Neo Geo mini. Just like all the other retro mini, it has accessory support for other joysticks. It also has a micro-sd card slot to add more games to it and the next big thing it’s got going for them is the screen can rotate vertically for those shooter’em-up games.EGRET II

The “EGRET II mini” is an arcade cabinet type game machine that reproduces the arcade cabinet that appeared in 1996 ina desktop size. It incorporates the games that were active in arcades from 1978 to the 1990s. You can enjoy the game with just the main unit. “EGRET II mini” was particular about being able to play as you remember. It’s packed with gimmicks to help you fully enjoy the games of the 1978-1990s.


The “EGRET II mini” contains 40 game titles released by Taito from 1978 to the 1990s. You can also play 10 more titles with the optional expansion set, below is a list of just some games that will be include.

Space Invaders / Vertical / 1978
Lunar Rescue / Vertical / 1979
Quicks / Vertical / 1981
Elevator Action / Horizontal / 1983
Chuck’n Pop / Horizontal / 1983
Bubble Bobble / Horizontal / 1986
Lastan Saga / Horizontal / 1987
Rainbow Island EXTRA / Horizontal / 1988
New Zealand Story / Horizontal / 1988
Dondcodon / Horizontal / 1989
Violence Fight / Horizontal / 1989
Kadash / Horizontal / 1989
Mizubaku Adventure / Horizontal / 1990
Metal Black / Horizontal / 1991
Kaiser Knuckle / Horizontal / 1994

Product name: EGRETⅡ mini
Genre: Desktop game center
Product size: Approximately width 155mm x depth 200mm x height 209mm
Sales: Taito
Release date: March 2, 2022
Price: 18,678 yen
Rear terminal:
・Equipped with HDMI output terminal that can be connected to a TV
・Equipped with 2 control terminals that can be connected to an optional controller
・ Earphone terminal
Included items:
・ Main unit (40 titles built-in)
・ USB cable for power supply (approx. 1.5 m)
・ HDMI cable (approx. 2.0 m) )
・ Instruction panel ・ Instruction

EGRET Ⅱ will be released on March 2, 2022 (Wednesday)! Reservation have already started here.


You can preorder the Egret II Mini at PlayAsia.com here for $170 bucks..


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