Hands-on with the Satisfye Lite Slim Bundle

With the addition of the Nintendo Switch Lite to my arsenal of gaming devices, I had to wonder.. “what would be the best means of protection and overall comfort for the Switch Lite for me.”  This was when the team over at Satisfye products reached out about the Switch Lite Bundle

Special thanks to the team for shipping me out a unit to hands-on with. After an extended time with it (around a month), I can honestly say that this is the best Grip out on the market to date for the Switch Lite.

I would go as far as stating that the Satisfye Lite Grip is the perfect complement to the Nintendo Switch Lite. In mind, they took all of the issues on that last grip and applied it here. Additionally, they now have a stunning color instead of a solid black grip and thumb caps.

With the previous model, the Satisfye Grip touched the console, which, if you slide it out and in always, may have scratched either the unit or Switch itself. With the revision, you now have the silicone paddings (i.e., the red spots) all over the grip. Additionally, this grip also solves the “no kickstand” issue that some people voiced concerns about.

With this grip attachment, though, one is to wonder how can this be carried around? Good question. With the Satisfye Lite slim bundle, (as if this writing, I only used the slim bundle, not the elite bundle for the Nintendo Switch Lite. It is pretty awesome though they made an Elite version for the Lites as well) you are offered two thumb caps and a carrying case.

This case lives up to its name as being Slim. It is about the same height as other cases in the market. However, the difference here is the length and width. This size was created to accommodate the grip unit itself in mind.

Inside, you have a spot for eight games. It is roomy too (to some degree). I also carry a small USB-C cable inside the case (goes under the switch itself) as this bundle is not provided one.

Additionally, the team itself made sure this accommodates the basic needs for the Switch Lite on the go. Some gripes though I did have was that the Slim Lite bundle did not provide a USB-C cable. The Satisfye USB-C cables are probably one of the most versatile, reliable, and flexible USB-C wires available. It seems those are provided with the Elite bundle.

However, that is a small compromise to an otherwise value and slim bundle. One more issue I did have is the thumb caps themselves. I chalk this up to my preference, and not at the team of Satisfye. Whenever I utilize them, it seems that I am not able to fully use the controller sticks. They are impacting the full movement. Again, this could be on me as I have never been a fan of the thumb caps. They are not necessarily needed, so I mostly do not have them attached when I play.

Currently, the Satisfye Lite Slim and Elite bundles are on sale for the holidays at the website. In addition to an excellent price, you can take 10% off your order using the code DECEMBER10 at checkout. If you just received a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas and want the perfect Grip and Case to complement the slim size, look no farther than the Satisfye Slim Bundle.


  • Until Next time, Mgs2master2 out

*Thank you to the team at Satisfye for sending over a Slim Lite Bundle for impressions/review!


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