SX OS 3.0.0 Shown Off…For Nintendo Switch Lite!

“Never say Impossible. – As TX has done it, SX OS now runs on the Switch Lite!” They told us it would happen and we all speculated how it could be. Well, Team Xecuter has finally shown us a sweet, sweet taste of their forthcoming SX OS 3.0.0 running on a Switch Lite.


Announcement (it isn’t much):

‘We rocked the Switch in 2019 and with the year soon over, here is a little teaser of one of the things to come early 2020!’


What Does This Mean:

Well, first off, we have to consider a few things. This video we’re posting below does indeed show SX OS being loaded on a Switch Lite. And there’s no trickery afoot when they go and load a .XCI game that is on the microSD card. However, there are several things that we’re still in the dark about. It’s 3.0.0, but does that mean that we have to be on the newest 9.1.0 for it to work? Maybe a previous firmware will be required for 3.0.0 to work? We just don’t know. So while you may have a Switch Lite on 9.1.0, you may be updated to something higher by the time this 3.0.0 update comes out. Right now they’re only on their 2.9.3 version. That means that we could see 2.9.4-2.9.9 or 2.10 and upwards before 3.0.0 ever drops.

Additionally, it looks like it doesn’t require any additional dongle or rail jig (as it has no rails for a jig). We can safely assume that this means an installation of some kind will need to be done inside of the Switch. Please bear in mind that that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a soldered solution…however, this is very likely. However, this author would love to see a solderless solution that just requires that you place it on the inside of the Switch and the Switch gets screwed back together and the pressure holds the solution in place.

Lastly, does this work on the newer model full-sized Switch as well? We could safely assume that the boards inside are different. However, if they are not and these two match, then that’s a solution that works on both, maybe all 3 models. Only time will tell, however, I would really bet my money that there will be 2 different chips with soldering required. I really, really hope not though.

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