Download Super Mario Maker 2 Levels directly to your Switch

Super Mario Maker 2 was released a couple of days ago and already so much have been accomplished in that short amount of time.

The Homebrew community have figured out a way to share levels using simple Homebrew tools (more on that here) well now the final piece of the puzzle is here! Homebrew developer blawar who have brought us the Tinfoil app just released MMLINX– Super Mario Maker 2 Level injector!

This is a excellent app because CustomFirmware users who do not have access to the Nintendo store can now enjoy and download levels made by the Homebrew community directly on to their switch without worrying about connecting to the Nintendo online servers! This app is still in beta but the developer is updating it as time progresses.  

You will need to be connected to WiFi in order to download levels. The app is accompanied by pictures of the levels, a sorting option and a upload feature! More will be added in the next update. 


P.S: Thanx to fellow discord member Cris [online course dumper] we can enjoy the most popular and extreme levels from the Nintendo server downloaded through the tinfoil app.


Have you tried out the MMLINX app? Do you have levels to upload? Please follow us


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