E3 Week is approaching here at Hackinformer!


Hey, Mgs2master2 here! I wanted to follow up with our readers that next week is E3 week! E3 2019 is scheduled to begin Sunday, June 9th until June 13th. It is already shaping up to be an exciting week with Press conferences starting up on Sunday. Below is the schedule of all the E3 press conferences.

schedule with timezones


^ I am giving a Shoutout to Cheesemeister on twitter for creating this schedule based for ALL timezones. Link to the original tweet is here in case the picture does not pop out for the week.

We have already the right amount of interviews set up, possibly more being scheduled, and combined with embargoed/NDA’d items that will reveal exciting news throughout the week. There are also some special surprises in the works for our readers that I am currently working on *cough* free swag and giveaways *cough*. Excuse me, I have a slight cold 😉  Hopefully, these details will be shared during E3 week as well!

Some planned visits are with XSeed, Square, Nintendo, WB games, and much more when E3 Week begins to roll around.  The content will be flowing from all of our excellent writers! In addition, expect our regular content to appear alongside our coverage.

Do our excellent readers here at Hackinformer have anything you would like us to check out during E3 Week? Leave a comment below or shoot me a tweet @Mgs2Master2 So i can gather a list of stuff I can make my way to for you guys. If there is no preference, stay tuned as the E3 2019 content should begin to roll out shortly, well before the actual event. Until next week, I hope you all have a great Pre-E3 2019 week. Stay awesome, true to yourselves, and be excellent to each other.

– Until E3 2019 week, Mgs2Master2 out!

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