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New Hybrid Firmware to hack PS3 version 4.84!!

It seems that we are once again privileged to tell you that if you have a PS3 on 4.84 firmware, currently the latest, and want a hack you’re in luck! As long as your PS3 is hackable via the previous parameters for hacking a PS3, you now have the option of using a “hybrid firmware” for the PS3Xploit that has previously been used.Hybrid


You can do several things including downgrading to be able to install a full CFW and even if your PS3 isn’t fully hackable via a downgrade you can still use the HAN tools with it. I have to say this is a great addition to the PS3 and maybe this will be the last firmware so we won’t have to change much anymore. Visit PSX-Place, CLICK HERE, for a full write up and all of the links. Enjoy guys and as always Happy Gaming and KEEP ON PRAISING THE SUN!!!

Source: PSX-place

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