QuickHEN Released for 4.74-5.07 PS4’s!

Surely, if you’re reading this, you have a PS4 on firmwares 4.74 through 5.07. And I’m also just spitballing here, but I’m supposing a fair amount of you have used the browser exploit time and again. Furthermore, I’m supposing that you’ve dealt with how many times you have had to deal with how long it takes or it crashing altogether. Or maybe you haven’t run any mod yet on your PS4 and were hoping for an easier, cleaner mod. Well fear not! Because QuickHEN is finally here to solve all of those problems!

So this thrilling tweet popped up yesterday:


As well as this video right after, demonstrating the effectiveness of QuickHEN:

So, in essence, QuickHEN is a rewritten implementation of the existing exploit. This means that the code is far cleaner and your PS4 doesn’t choke it down as forcefully. The PS4 can process it much easier and get you into playing your homebrew or your game modifications in no time! There’s no GitHub to download anything from, you simply replace your old exploit link with the new one from the original tweet. For those of you who don’t want to scroll back up, here is said link “celesteblue.nopsn.com/PS4/NEW” and make certain that you don’t type in the quotes, man!

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