SNES games may be coming to Nintendo online service!

A couple of days ago a we’ll known hacker by the name of KapuccinoHeck have discovered some data code which Hints at SNES games coming to the Nintendo Switch online service app! If you remember KapuccinoHeck is the same hacker that cracked the Nintendo Nes app to inject more roms when it first launched.

KapuccinoHeck found this information by searching through Nes online string.
He further found that the games are formatted the same way as the Nes titles and lists the games that were found among his search.

Game List

• Super Mario Kart

• Super Soccer

• Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

• Demon’s Crest

• Yoshi’s Island

• Stunt Race FX

• Kirby’s Dream Course

• Pop’n Twinbee

• Star Fox

• Contra 3

• Kirby Super Star

• Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

• Kirby’s Dream Land 3

• Super Metroid

• Super Mario World

• Pilotwings


• Star Fox 2

• Super Punch-Out!!

• The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

• Super Mario All-Stars

• Breath of Fire 2

This list is not much different then what is on the Snes Classic, this could be very well likely why Nintendo decided to pull the plug on the classic console at the end of December 2018. Either way it’s good news for gamers that did not want to invest in the classic console but will rejoice when these classic games come to the Switch online app.

Nintendo stated that they have no plans to bring the Virtual Console to the Nintendo Switch, but with the direction that Nintendo is going in it shows that they focusing on bringing more classic games to their online app. What do you think of this move, let us know or in the comments below.


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