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SX OS Finally Has a Stable Release with 2.5.2!

There have been a ton of beta releases from Team Xecuter ever since they started their beta program. I don’t know if they just kept calling everything a beta, forgetting that they had to give us a legit release at some point. Or maybe it’s just because nobody could claim any issues if they were always just running betas. Well anyway, there is now finally a stable release with the new 2.5.2. My guess though? We’ll probably just see one stable release per season. Anywho, scroll on and read all about it!


  • ‘Fixed issue with installing split XCI / NSP

    -Some split content file sizes were causing issues for some people, this is no longer the case!

  • Fixed issue with deleting files after XCI / NSP installation

    -Deleting the original XCI/NSP files after installation was introducing some crashes and side effects for certain users. We investigated this issue and are happy to let you know its now a thing of the past!’

Where to Buy:

The best current place to buy in the US, and generally has sales pretty often is from Mod3DSCard’s site. I have the link here if you just need an SX OS license, here if you want to buy just an SX Gear, or here if you want the grand daddy SX Pro.


  1. Download the latest SX OS beta boot.dat file from here.
  2. Insert your Switch’s microSD card into your computer.
  3. Drag and drop boot.dat file to the microSD card. If you have an old boot.dat file, let this overwrite it. If you’re a new SX OS user, this just sits on the root.
  4. Return your microSD card to your Switch and use it how you always have.
  5. Boot the system using the SX Pro dongle or the payload injection method as you always have.

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