Hellfront: Honeymoon… pick it up or avoid it?

Well, it’s been a while, as usual, these days, since you guys have heard from me. ss4gogeta069 is back and ready to deliver another review for you! Today we’re gonna take a look at Hellfront: Honeymoon developed by Skygoblin and published by Thunderful! My copy was on PS4 but it’s also available on Xbox One and PC with Switch to come later in 2019!

Hellfront Honeymoon

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a nice game overall with some cool graphics and a good premise when it comes to twin stick shooters. You’re dropped into a level with nodes and hexagonal posts throughout. Your job is to take over all of the nodes. It definitely delivers on the local co-op side which is refreshing since everyone seems to be getting away from it.Hellfront Honeymoon

Starting out you get some tutorial levels to learn the game which is good because it gives you time to get your feet wet without being thrown straight into the mix. You start next to a red node on which you can either press square to place a “barracks” style pod or triangle to put a turret pod down. The turret is self-explanatory but the barracks-style is a little different. Every 10 seconds the barracks will churn out 4 little marines that fight for you. You can direct them with L2. With that said, you can only send them within a few squares of where you are so don’t think you’ll be able to send them to the back of the level without going there.Hellfront Honeymoon

Your ultimate goal is to clear the field of all enemies. Every time you take out an enemy turret or barracks you’re bombarded with bugs that come out of the node and they must be killed before you can place a turret or barracks on there. While all of this is going on you always have to keep in mind that it may be better to let the bugs or turrets go and flank them since they don’t always aggro to the player. They will aggro to your little marines or your barracks/turrets a lot of the time.Hellfront Honeymoon

So, final thoughts: For the price, $9.99 USD on PSN, you should definitely pick it up if you like twin stick shooters to play with friends. The solo campaign is decent but the co-op play is what makes this so good! It almost feels like it has some strategy mixed in with the twin-stick shooter! Graphics are nice and the gameplay responds perfectly! My overall rating has to be 8.3/10 because it delivers for the price!!

Thanks for reading and as always PRAISE THE SUN!!!

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