Switch: Atmosphere 0.7.5 release with 200% to 400% faster boot time…

Developer SciresM has just released an update for the Nintendo Switch CFW Atmosphere. With the help of developer hexkyz, they have sped up the boot time to 200/400% faster.Atmosphere

The following was changed since the last release:

  • DRAM training was added to fusee-secondary, courtesy @hexkyz.
    • This greatly improves the speed of memory accesses during boot, resulting in a boot time that is ~200-400% faster.
  • creport has had its code region detection improved.
    • Instead of only checking one of the crashing thread’s PC/LR for code region presence, creport now checks both + every address in the stacktrace. This is also now done for every thread.
      • This matches the improvement Nintendo added to official creport in 6.1.0.
    • The code region detection heuristic was further improved by checking whether an address points to .rodata or .rwdata, instead of just .text.
    • This means that a crash appears in a loaded NRO (or otherwise discontiguous) code region, creport will be able to detect all active code regions, and not just that one.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.


Download: atmosphere-0.7.5-

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