Team Fail0verflow discovers a exploit that could work on all PS4 consoles including revisions!

The infamous hacking group Team Fail0verflow have released some rather interesting news in regards to what could be a PS4 exploit. Ps4_enthusiast, who is behind the write states that the exploit is a tunnel to gain EMC code on any hardware revision. This means that any PS4 that’s out now and upcoming revisions cannot be patched, This is kind of similar to what the Nintendo Switch is experiencing now with a critical flaw in there hardware being exploited.

The last non PS4 exploit sits on firmwares 5.05/5.07, and PS4 owners have been waiting patiently for a break through on higher firmwares. This exploit of course is not useful for the end user, but it could lead to some interesting development in the PS4 homebrew scene.


So how does the exploit works? It involves sending bogus data to the Hdmi port of the console. This in turn exploits bugs in the CEC interface on the PS4 , for example Whenever you power on your PS4 or any other hdmi device the TV automatically switches to that device. When that happens it will then trigger a bug that will allow you to overwrite data in the PS4 southbridge (known as Aeolia or Belize depending on the hardware revision) and in return gain code execution.

It is not certain if Fail0verflow is planning on going forth with this exploit, or if a modchip or any other tool is in the works but it is very interesting information nevertheless and could lead to a major push in the PS4 homebrew scene that has been lukewarm for quite some time now. What do you think about the Fail0verflow exploit? Hit us up in the comments


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