New NES Emulator for 2ds/3ds released!

The 2ds/3ds is not much of an emulation machine but that doesn’t mean that it can not play emulators, developer cotodevel has released an update to his NES emulator now at version 1.3c. The emulator is very stable and can be played on the 2ds and the 3ds. The features that are supported are multiplayer, cheats, zip files, and shortcuts for buttons.



• Supported by fds, with sound fds.
• .ini supported.
• Supported multi-player
• Added DPCM. The sound is almost perfect.
• added shortcuts.
• Almost no graphic bug on many games!
• Cheat added.
• .gz .zip supported.
• Double Screen Show
• VCR6 added.


• Touchscreen operating in NTR mode in devkitARM r49





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