Switch: How to make your own videos into NSPs files…

The Nintendo Switch is quite a remarkable machine for being very underpowered compared to other consoles. With only having Hulu services you were very limited to what you can watch on the Switch.So Nintendo is really missing out on movie action with their hybrid console. This is where the Homebrew community comes in hand as they have found a way to play movies/videos on the Switch using Homebrew Web Framework.

Tools needed:

Now download the framework if you haven’t already. Find or make up a title id you can edit some from this site http://nswdb.com/.Edit the HTML with the name of your movie like m.mp4 save it put the index.html and your mp4 in the same folder.

Load the folder into HB web framework, input a title id, this will be the name of the nsp you will see on home menu author put whatever version whatever load your bmp icon. sometimes the framework will crash without making the nsp. if that happens u need a new image for the icon. You should check to ask for user and screenshots. Build the NSP. Now copy it to your switch and install it with whatever you like to use.

Bugs in the framework: If you hold the home button during a video it can lock up! If you hit b on the index page you will need to restart the app don’t hit x either it’s like an 8track. If the mp4 is 1080p or higher load it into handbreak and set it to web-ready 720p audio 256kbps and encode it.

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