Shenmue I & II Release Date Announced with Limited Edition & pre orders are now open!

Finally, Sega revealed the confirmed release date for Shenmue I & II in Japan. Shenmue I & II will launch in the region on November 22. It will be three months after its western release.Shenmue I & II, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, release date, gameplay, features, price, trailer, update, game, Japan release date

Sega didn’t divulge any reasons for the delay. But the company will be launching out a Limited Edition of the game to make it up to the fans. This Limited Edition comes with a special soundtrack. It will be a two-disc original soundtrack with over 40 songs.


What makes this Limited Edition special is that, for the very first time, Shenmue II’s soundtrack will finally be released on disc. And this Limited Edition is now open for pre-order here at Hundredths of Shenmue I & II devotees have already placed their order.

So, hurry and reserve your copies now, Shenmue I & II enthusiasts!


Furthermore, both the regular edition and limited edition of the game will come with a reversible full-color poster for Shenmue I & II. You can take a look at the image below from Sega.

Shenmue I & II, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, release date, gameplay, features, price, trailer, update, game, Japan release date

Moreover, if you want to purchase the Regular Edition of Shenmue I & II, we also have it here at Now open for pre-order. Grab your copies now.


You can also watch the new teaser trailer released for the game below.


And, a new set of screenshots were released for the game as well. You can find it below.


Want to know more details about Shenmue I & II? You can refer to the information below.


A tale of revenge.

In 1986, teenage jujitsu artist Ryo Hazuki returns to the dojo of his father, Iwao Hazuki, only to witness his murder by a Chinese man, Lan Di. Lan Di steals a mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Mirror. Ryo vows to avenge his father’s death and sets out tracing Lan Di’s path.

The first game in the series, Shenmue begins the tale as Ryo travels around Yokosuka, Japan, gathering clues about his father’s murder and dealing with nefarious gangsters along the way.

The sequel Shenmue II continues Ryo’s quest, this time crossing the sea to Hong Kong, China. Ryo ventures deeper into the criminal underworld, meeting martial arts masters who aid him on his journey and offer insight into his father’s death, and unravels the mysteries of the Dragon Mirror that his father kept hidden.


And if you missed it, here’s the video feature of Shenmue I & II featuring YouTubers Adam and Imran as they revisit Dobuita Street. Watch it below.



  • The best Shenmue experience – Updated user interface, Choice of modern or classic controls and Fully scalable screen resolutions
  • An epic legend – A tale of revenge on a grand scale, Solve the mystery of your father’s murder
  • The world feels alive – Distract yourself with arcade games, collectibles, duck racing, and more


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