PS4: Netflix & Plex now work on FW 5.05!!

One thing that sucks about having a PS4 on lower FW is there’s no way to watch streaming services like Netflix. Because every streaming services on the PlayStation 4 has to do a PSN check lower FW can’t use them. If you try to use them you will get prompted to sign in to PSN and update your system.Netflix

Well that all changes with No PSN check Nexflix and Plex app that was released. So far these Apps are working just fine and no one as reported any errors yet.Netflix

To use these you will need to have a jailbroken PS4 and of course, your going to need an account to use NetFlix as all this does is bypass the PSN check to let you use these apps. Hopefully, we’ll see a few more apps come our way like Youtube, Amazon, etc…

Download:  Netflix  no psn

Download: Plex no psn

Credit to Zer0xFF, Squeak, DarkElement, biorn, and all others who helped.



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