New payload dongle for the Nintendo Switch is in the works

Team Rebug is very well known for their work on the PS3. But lately, they’ve been playing around with the Nintendo Switch and decided to make a better modchip for it then using the Adafruit Trinker.Nintendo Switch

Once they got the kinks out of development and manufacturing they opened up pre-orders for the switchme modchip. They had an overwhelming response to how many people wanted to buy it.

With the success of the pre-orders, they decided to take a crack at a dongle for sending payloads and with break out pads for future development. The only type of dongle that’s out there that does such a thing comes from Team Xecutor.

Aboshi2011 : So we decided to make a dongle as well, but with a battery and some break out pads for future development. This way you won’t have a problem needing to recharge your injector ever few days or caps going bad making your tx sx dongle useless.

Male USB C, female micro USB on the bottom, and a cr2032 coin cell on the bottom.

Nintendo Switch


It’s not like you need the dongle to send payload since you can do with your pc or mobile device but the convenience of the dongle is very nice. Now the dongle from Team rebug is a work in progress. There’s no ETA on them as they probably got their hands full with the switchme modchip and once that project settles down the dongle will most likely be next.

Preorders open for New Nintendo Switch Modchip from Team Rebug

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