PSVita: Multiplayer Support via MiniVitaTV and Adrenaline 6.7 released

Thats right, the Adrenaline eCFW got yet another update to version 6.7 bringing local 2 player support via connected Dualshock controllers! MiniVitaTV makes it possible!

Here is the official description of MiniVitaTV:

This plugin allows you to connect up to 4 DS3/DS4 controllers to your PS Vita, and play local multiplayer games, by using the exact same driver as on the PS TV. Yes, the PS Vita screen is rather small, but I think it’s kinda cute to play on it with friends while travelling or so.
Note that this plugin is still in beta stage and more features will be added, like the ability to assign controller ports, etc. Basically every controller feature that the normal PS TV has will be included.
Only official DS3/DS4 controllers are currently supported!


How to install

Firstly you’ll need the new MiniVitaTV plugin, as well as the updated DS3 plugin and install those like every other plugin (instructions on github!).

And secondly the new Adrenaline version of course for PS1 multiplayer support; You can either grab the newest release from github or use the network update function from inside Adrenaline itself. List of PS1 multiplayer games

Then pair and connect the controllers and start playing!!


Another example of what could’ve been possible if Sony would’ve wanted us to have it. Thank you!

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