Open beta sign-ups for PS4 FW6.00

Once again the PS4 is going to get a new FW update in the upcoming weeks to 6.00 and just like FW5.50 they are once again doing an open beta with this update.PS4

It seems the North American link is either down or has been fulfilled but the Japanese or Europe links are working just fine. Users can sign up anytime today and up to July 27. You also must have a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscriber to apply. No word what this update will bring to the PS4 but hopefully its something useful.

Now, what do you think they’ll try to block this time? Well, we have a pretty good idea that they will try to block the Save Wizard just like last time with Fw5.50 but that only slowed them down for a little bit. If you use Save Wizard its best to stay away from open beta’s as it could block Save Wizard from working.

PS4 open beta links..,]

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