psDLCindex Released! Details Inside

We got word that @GarnetSunset has released psDLCindex onto his GitHub for all of you tech saavy PS4 hackers to use. What does it do? How does one use it? We’re all over it and we’re here to share that info with you!

What is psDLCindex?

Here is the quick and dirty explanation from the man himself:

Here is the more eloquent description:

‘This is a script that will go through a PlayStation store entry for a certain title, which is given at runtime, and get the titleIDS of all DLC associated with them. This can then be funneled into “” which can parse it out and, using some outside programs, generate some cool pkgs.’

I reached out to GarnetSunset and had him clarify more directly what those “outside programs were. He said that by following the forthcoming instructions, the script will tell you in plain English what is missing. It’s only not included as it has copyrighted content within it.

How to use psDLCindex:

First of all, before you can follow the simple instructions, you need to download the psDLCindex in the first place. Click here and then click the green Clone or Download button on the page that opens. If these instructions are too labor intensive for you, then you may need to wait for an automated GUI to be created by someone. Things can only get easier from here!

‘Make sure you run “requirements.bat” if you’re on windows, but then, just run the “” script and input the full title ID (Google is your friend) of the app you wish to crawl. This can take a while so be patient.

When done, make sure to run, with all the files required, which I can’t link, in the same directory. You should have a bunch of PKGs.’

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