E3 2018-Day 1

The first day of the event was chock full of people from the industry showing off their brain childs. You could tell that they were so proud of what they had brought to show us all. Let’s talk about what we saw on the show floor!


  • Smash Bros Ultimate -The very first thing upon entering the show floor I did was go straight to the Smash line. Everything that they showed from the trailer was real, however, they only had about 12-15 characters available. Ridley was accessible as well as the 2 new levels. However, instead of trying out the inklings level or the Breath of the Wild level, we just hit random. The game was short as the guy I played against kicked my butt, but even losing looks and feels great in this game. It will definitely sell well!

  • Bandai Namco-JUMP/FORCE was up first at this appointment. They were quick to remind us that the game features the most iconic jump brands together. Who knows if the characters we see in the trailer were all of them. They explained to us that in this game, our real world and the Jump world collide. The 2 come together for the first time, usually in games they have levels relevant from the show, but that’s gone in this game. You’ll see places like Times Square. The Matterhorn in Swiss Alps. And more locations will be coming soon. Rich story mode with intense villains. The heroes band together and are called Jump Force. They want the rendering to be belivable and make it look as though it belongs in our real world. It has guard breaks, it’s a tag fighting game, fully voiced, and destructive levels. There are transformations for all most of the characters if you build up to it. It basically makes them change into their overpowered versions from their respective shows. Coming to Xbox One x, PS4 Pro and, PC. More info later on that. They also showed us Death Note characters at the end, but actually showed us the faces.

  • Divinity Original Sin 2:Definitive Edition This game features an extremely deep avatar editor. You can create classes and choose your race. There is an undead version of all races. You can choose a background story for the character if you’d like. If you do, the game changes for that character. The game is in real time until the fighting, then it’s turn based. You can recruit companions, they may not even like you. They can improve their attitude  if you help them with their tasks. Over a million lines of dialogue in the game, all of which are voiced! The game has a longitude and latitude on the map so if you get lost, you can find your way back if you notate the important locations. You have full control of every person in your party. That opens up a ton of gameplay options. Couch co-op has been added in. Up to 4 people can play and the game is a full 100+ hours! Definitive Editions has a 45 page patch note list of changes so even if you’ve played before, play this one. Here are some of the changes: overhauled journal system, new interactions, new lines of dialogue, new party inventory. This will be coming out on PS4, XBOX One, and PC on August 31st, 2018.

  • Soul Calibur VI has a confirmed release date of October 19,2018! It will be available on PC, XBOX, PS4. Unreal Engine 4 will be usedfor the first time. This game will 100% run at 60 FPS on all platforms! Geralt was shown off using his weapons and magic. Critical Edge is back in this game from the previous entry. It also helps bring you back from low health if you use it at the right time. Reversal Edge is a new mechanic. It’s a mode for lower knowledge players. It’s like a rock paper scissors. If a great player is wailing on you and you use a perfectly timed Reversal Edge, it goes into that rock paper scissors type gameplay for like 3 seconds, so act fast. Soul Charge is back from Soul Calibur 3. It also unlocks new attacks. Lethal Hit is also a gameplay mechanic featured. It stuns your opponent and increases your speed and helps you chain combos. It will help you achieve damaging their armor. Story Mode has 2D and 3D animations, similar to Tekken 7. This game features the biggest story mode to exist for Soul Calibur. Groh, a new character, has long range with his bladed staff, but it can be separated and dual wielded. Collectors and Deluxe edition will be available.

  • Ace Combat 7:Skies Unknown-The game is back will crazy weather like lightning. More at Gamescom.

  • Deep Silver-I got to also try out Metro Exodus hands on for roughly half an hour. The game has a release date of February 22nd, 2019. It will be coming to XBOX One, PS4, and PC. They classified the genre as a 1st person sandbox survival shooter. Story for this game is new and made specifically for the game. Suspenseful action and stealth if you choose. Each level is several hours long and there will be quite a few levels. Craft medkits, air filters, maintain guns as well as modify or upgrade weapons on the go. Any weapon can be stripped for parts instead of using them as is. Day and night cycles are present with dynamic weather. In scale and scope, the game is the largest ever for the Metro franchise. Longer in length of both first and second game combined well as the dialogue is more than the other games. No swimming seemed to be available in the game, I hope it’s added.

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