How to convert PS4 payload files into index.html files for FW5.05

I’ve been asked quite a few time how to convert PS4 payload bin files into the new index.html files we use for FW5.05, so I figured I’d put this post together for everyone. With the previous exploits for FW4.05 and 4.55, we use to convert the payload bin files into a javascript file. Then include the exploit and the rest of the files with the index.html file to launch the script on the PS4 using the Web browser/ User guide in settings.

With the new exploit for FW5.05, we don’t use the old method of converting the payload.bin file into a payload.JS file. Now we can just make one simple HTML file that has both exploit & payload in it for the PS4 web browser to use. The bin2html converter is very easy to use, just place the payload you want to convert in the same folder as the bin2html tool is in, then just drag and drop the bin file into the bin2html tool and it will make the new HTML index file. Now you can take the index.html file it just made and use it with PS4 exploit host or a web server but now you don’t have to wait for someone to convert it or search the web for converted payloads as you can do it yourself now. 😉


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