Team-Xecuter shows off SX Pro working on Switch FW5.1.0 with homebrew support!

Team Xecuter has already shown us their latest modchip (if you want to call it that) for the Nintendo Switch and they promised it will work on all FW. In their last video, they gave us a quick glimpse of what the SX pro could do on FW 5.0.2 which wasn’t much in the video. SX Pro

Now that we just got a new FW update to 5.1.0 Team Xecuter is an ensuring everyone that their product still works on the newest FW available. In this video, they give us a better look at the TX menu system and what it can do, like install autoRCM mode for you but it still doesn’t show us anything else.

In the video, they show it supporting the Homebrew menu and homebrew games but you can already do this without the SX Pro, it just might make it easier to do. Team Xecuter has also announced that this would be their last video showing us the SX Pro and that reviewers will be taking it on, so my guess is that review units are probably in the works of being shipped out. We here at Hackinformer will be getting one of this units to review so stay tuned.. 🙂 and take a look at their latest video below.

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