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How to backup PS4 games on FW5.05 & convert them to PKG files

Today we’ll be going over how to backup your PS4 games on FW5.05 and convert them to PKG files. We will be using Ali PS4 exploit host to bring to the 5.05 host page and select the dumper payload. backup PS4 gamesOnce the dumper payload is injected it will be just like previous FW and it will prompt you, asking for USB device to be plugged in and then for you to launch the game, so it can start dumping it.Now, this may take a while depending on the game size, so it’s best to make sure that the PS4 can’t go into sleep mode or turn off due to inactivity.

Just like the previous FW’s, we’re going to need a few programs, so we can convert the dumped files into a PKG to be able to install them on the PS4.


Now that you know how the dumper works for FW5.05 and have already dumped/backed up your first PS4 game, its time to use the program called GENGP4. This is going to set it all up for you too easily convert into a PKG file with Fake PKG.

Click on the folder icon and load the game you justed ripped, then click on generate GP4 and once done click on save GP4 and name it whatever you want just make sure you save it somewhere you won’t forget, to make it easy just save it to the desktop.

Once that’s done you’re going to use Fake PKG Generator and click on file then load the new project file you just made.

Now click on the build button and it will bring up the options just leave them alone and go down to the bottom and tell it where you would like to save it to.

Then click on the build button and it will start to make your pkg file. (You may get some errors but that is normal)

Now that it’s done making the pkg file its time to install it on the PS4, make sure you take out the game you just dumped and delete it from the PS4 before installing the PKG file. Once again go back to the setting on the PS4 and go the guide and load the Homebrew enabler to be able to use the debug settings and install the PKG file.

Once in the debug setting, go to game, then the package installer and there you will see the PKG file you made, just highlight it and press X to install. 

That’s it, now you’ll be able to play your games without the disc and share it with your other PS4 systems.

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