Flash News:PS4 5.05 Homebrew Tools Released & CFW Info Announced!

If you’ve been following our news recently, you may be aware of the slew of PS4 news that’s happened in the last few days. We got information that there was going to be a 5.05 PS4 jailbreak complete with some homebrew tools, although they weren’t specific about it. Well today, we got some serious specifics! So let’s discuss everything that was said and/or announced.

Firstly, we got this announcement from @hydrogenNGU that gave the tools that they would be using a name. And that name is the OpenOrbis Mira Project and these tools are for homebrew devs!

Then we got some clarification from @Mathieulh mentioning that basically everyone on 5.0x will have access to this.

And then @hydrogenNGU gave us a quote about it actually becoming a custom firmware that he clearly knew would hype us all up!

Lastly, we got even more specifics.

Overall Thoughts:

My guess for them not even mentioning that this will be on 4.55 is because they aren’t developing it for that firmware. The reason? Well, I would wager that it’s because that firmware is already rife with piracy and they want you all to instead update to a custom firmware. Our advice is that if you want robust homebrew, update to 5.0x. If you’re happy with what you’re already doing on your 4.55 firmware, then stay there. Some of our readers have more than one PS4, maybe now would be a good time to leave one on 4.55 and update the other one so that you can have all facets that will be available to you in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, hopefully, these homebrew tools will help plenty of devs out there create some great content for our PS4’s!

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