Flash News: PS4 OFW 5.05 Homebrew Support Coming Soon!

Some major exciting news is sweeping the PlayStation 4 scene right now. That news is as the title explains, we’re finally going to be seeing PlayStation 4 homebrew get out of the 4.xx firmwares and jump into the 5.0x firmwares! Right now, the Twitterverse is stating specifically 5.o5, but I’m sure we’re going to get more specifics as time goes on.

The news comes to us from @qwertyoruiopz , @SpecterDev , and @Mathieulh with tweets like:


Our thoughts right now are this; if you’re on 4.xx, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to update from it. The reason being is that they seem to be focusing heavily on homebrew exclusively and 4.55 can do more than homebrew. Additionally, you already have homebrew on 4.55 and you barely stand to gain any huge significant improvements from Sony’s official firmware. Having said that, if you’re on 5.0x, do not update if you want homebrew on your system.

Maybe now that we’ll have several firmwares with homebrew support and tools, we can see far more homebrews be made across all of those firmwares. And last of all, if you’re someone who wants to own a 5.0x firmware PS4, now is the time to find and buy one. Do it now before the scalpers notice that their 4.55 FW PS4’s aren’t the only things that you can buy. Or before people with 5.0x firmware PS4’s start selling theirs for ridiculous costs. I think you have at least a 72 hour window from the time of me writing this.

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