PSVita: PKGj gets updated for multiple downloads!

The developer Blastrock has pushed out another update to his Pkgj app, now updated to version 0.13. Pkgj is a handy application for those that don’t have a pc and rather use the app to get their pkg’s.


The major highlight of this release is being able to download multiple packages at once, even though Blastrock said that four is the limit to download at one time. I myself haven’t tried going past that limit, but I can say that multiple downloads do work well with this release.

Other then that resume downloads are still disabled for now, and downloading pkg’s while in sleep mode is still enabled in this release.


Queuing up multiple downloads, So far the limit is four.But haven’t tried beyond the limit.


  • A new stylish icon for the live area -thanks to @jesterIOS.
  • Does not rely on TSV column header anymore to determine the mode
  • Support for different types of pkgs, updates and DLC’s also supported.
  • Added download error report to the user.

Download:  pkgj.vpk



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