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Review Shadow Bug for the Nintendo Switch

Shadow bug for the Nintendo Switch is quick action puzzle game and you might have played it on your smart device as this is another mobile game adapted to the Switch. When you first take a look at the game it will remind you of limbo because of the graphics style and characters, if you ever played it but they have nothing in common.

The game is very simple and quick to pick up but the further you get along the more challenging the action puzzles get but most of them have a running time between about 1 minute to maybe 3 minutes so each level is very short. There are about 30 levels in the game but one of the biggest drawback to the game is there is no storyline. You have no idea why you are slicing and dicing through the enemies but the short gameplay is great for those quick breaks between work or your commute to work.

The gameplay style is either touch controls or you can use the Joycons motion control to slice through the enemies in TV mode. The touch controls are ok and I like that I can still use the joystick to move around and one finger on the screen to slice through the enemy but I’ve never been a fan of touch controls. The Joycon mode can be a little bit tricky because you have to shake the control at the right time and any delay you will die, especially in the harder levels. Once you get it down it becomes easier and easier to time your movements just right to get through each level but they still lack precision.

Shadow Bug is a great game for Switch owners looking for a challenging action puzzle game and would like a change from the normal games we see for the Switch. Even if you are wary of touch & motion controlled games you might like using them because its different then most games.

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