PS4 Homebrew just got easier to run with PS4HEN

The PS4 scene has had a slower take off than most, due to all the releases of exploits always being on lower FW. So it misses a lot of users and doesn’t raise the eyebrows out of you-know-who but this time most people knew to stay on something lower than 4.05 or 4.07 as exploits were mentioned for that firmware a few times.

Hopefully, you stayed at 4.05 FW and can use the kernel exploit that was just released around Christmas time. This time we have developers Flatz sharing and easier way to trigger Homebrew execution on the PS4. If you have firmware 405.Picture from kood_infothief

Developer Flatz…

PS4 Homebrew ENabler for version 4.05 based on Flatz writeup and using IDC’s codebase

You can find his codebase here aswell as his method to patch shellcore here

to make, do as follows in your terminal:

cd PS4HEN/payload
cd ../PS4HEN

to run, do as follows in your terminal:

socat -u FILE:PS4HEN.BIN TCP:<ps4 ip>:9020

To Do:

make an automation script to do the above for you lol

Picture from kood_infothief

You can download this one from VVildCard777 all ready to go…


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