PSVita: ReNpDrm released for 3.60 Enso users!

Christmas time == scene releases time! After CelesteBlue already accidently leaking the official Vita SDK last week, today we finally got yet another promised Christmas present! ReNpDrm is here to bring back PSN + device activation for Enso users!

What is ReNpDrm?

Now to simplify things; the release consists of two different plugins:

restore.suprx(more like re-PSN though, name might be confusing) with which you will be able to reaccess PSN again, purchase & download your games, upload trophies and play online as if you were on the latest official firmware! Heres a showcase:

(Remember: This will still not let you run any games that are depending on higher firmwares!)


renpdrm.skprx – which will let you activate your consoles again! (after that was disabled by Sony to make our lives harder a couple of months ago) The activation will be instantly refreshed by the kernel plugin continously, so even if Sony decides to remote-disable your console it won’t do anything!

And here another showcase:

Risk of beeing banned / will this be patched?

Well, according to CelesteBlue you could theoretically get banned in the process of activating.. but that’s left to see. If you are still having your valid activation file everything should be fine and there is nothing to be afraid of. There have been patches and workarounds for PSN access in the past and no reports of ban-waves or anything yet.

Now the interesting question is if this can and will be patched or does it even work for most users?! The answer is probably yes but still not tested.. and definitively a question of time. So make sure to enjoy the holidays without restrictions and download your games if you can!!


Download here!


Update: At this time the release has not been fully tested yet (titled as open beta with its release????), ‘proceed with caution’ and let us know in the comments if it works for you!

Happy holidays everyone!

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