Holidays are coming, be prepared for hacks!

Small reminder for you guys because as you know christmas time is generally that time of the year for the scene(s) as well. Big releases and goodies coming your way this holidays!



For the Vita the biggest release will probably be CelesteBlue’s ReNpDrm plugin(s) which will bring back PSN access, online play and activation to your Enso enabled Vitas! Additionally we already got the leaked official VitaSDK to mess with and several new Homebrew releases in the last weeks. With ReNpDrm the Vita will be complete again for the holidays!

Release is scheduled to December the 25th!

And not to ruin anyones hopes but a new full & native 3.67 hack is very unlikely! :/


PlayStation 4

For the PS4 we do not have any exact release dates but there were quite some surprises anounced to drop around christmas. No rumouring around from my part but the Ps4 scene grew a lot over the last months and more people are working on something..

..although its still unlikely to have a full out of the box userfriendly solution. History showed that Sony can get quite pissed and ‘react accordingly’ if that happens to their main console.. so no one really wants to be the first to release anything. But who knows!


Nintendo DSi

Again only rumors here but; there has been a Custom Firmware in the works for this classic handheld since quite some time and this Christmas we might be getting it for our favorite, little, neglected console. The Homebrew Exploit needed to downgrade the DSi to an according Firmware has been released around a month ago already but it was US Only. EUR and JPN support is still missing a well as the actual CFW but its been interestingly quiet around this topic for a while now.. Lets see about this one!


Nintendo Switch

And finally the maybe most awaited hack yet to come. The Nintendo Switch already got a lot of tools (GDB Debugger, System File Emulator etc) and different people working on it.

Nothing officially announced here but..

Although that might be delayed a little because of this years 34c3 (Chaos Communication Congress – December 27th to 30th)

With plutoo having announced to (maybe) take a break from hacking after the congress this might be the perfect way to say goodbye with a big boom, right?!

So what do you think will the Switch have a public hack the same year of its release?


So much for what we know from our favourite devices, maybe there will be even more surprises.. who knows.

Happy holidays and keep checking back! 🙂

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