SD2VITA PLUS Public Service Announcement & Apology

We are really sorry that we have been radio silent on this project over the last few important days. It’s not every day that we have to admit failure. It sucks. It hurts our egos. For now, the product launch of the SD2VITA PLUS adapter has been put on hiatus until we can get more viable manufacturing resources available to us. It may not be long, but our biggest mistake was putting a launch date on the adapter in an effort to try and get this to you as soon as possible.

There were three main parts to this project plastics, PCB boards, and shipping. Yes, we were able to create a working prototype. Yes, we were able to create working PCB boards. Yes, we were able to make a plastic encasing. Every piece of the puzzle is there. And we even have a few working units. More on that in a moment.

The responsibility to create working plastic cases is one of the most important parts of this project as that’s partially what made this the version two version of the SD2VITA. But, and there is the but, our associates who were responsible for the plastics manufacturing failed us. As you can see from the pictures, some units are warping and some units look to be scratched due to the way they were sent to us. Our expectation was that the plastic was supposed to be clear and totally solid but that’s not what we received despite expectations from us. So not only did we get defective plastics, we also didn’t even get all of what we ordered either. And we discovered this over the last few days that the cold weather also makes these plastic cases crack and literally fall apart under extremely cold conditions. And because we made a commitment to bring you the best possible, these were not the cases that we wanted to send the SD2VITA PLUS out to you in.

We’re committed to working on this project even still and we want to get everyone this product in their hands that still want it. So, we’re giving you a few options if you paid via PayPal. As far as Amazon purchases, everyone who purchased it on Amazon has been refunded. The units that we do have that work aren’t the greatest looking & best casing quality. If you are someone that still would like one of these units even throw, please email us at with your PayPal Transaction ID and we will send one out to you. So, these are limited in quantity and limited in supplies. It’s a first come first serves basis only.

Now if you would like to get a refund, please let us know the latest by November 30th, 2017 by email and we will send your money back to you.

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