GameShell,The Open Source/Modular Handheld, Surpasses Kickstarter Goal!

We have another special treat for you today. We wanted to talk about the GameShell. It’s a modular handheld that is also open source. It had a Kickstarter campaign of $50,000 and at the time of this writing, it’s sitting at $123,025 with a solid 30 days remaining! These are some big numbers here. I’ll stop gushing and start giving you some pictures, facts, features, and a fantastic video from them. And as always, a link for you to go back the creator, clockwork!

“Who is ‘clockwork'”, you might ask.

‘clockwork is a tech startup team of passionate engineers and designers. We love creating new things and also gaming. We want to bring cool & innovative products to all gamers and makers.’

The Kickstarter page began on the 14th of November by these guys. And let me tell you, these people are working on getting something great into your hands. Admittedly, I don’t for certain know who is doing what part. But there are a lot of moving pieces to design, create, advertise, manufacture and distribute new projects such as GameShell. So I’m sure they all have their hands full right about now!

And you too might ponder, “What exactly is GameShell?”

‘GameShell is the world’s first modular, portable game console with a GNU/Linux embedded operating system. It allows you to play thousands of classic games from Atari, GB, GBA, NES, SNES and many of history’s greatest consoles. 

  • Free Independent Games

GameShell uses the powerful LINUX operating system and every game published on it will be free, open-source and modifiable. We have included two classic games – Cave Story and DOOM1 in GameShell and there will be more free games included in future (Classic Hacx, Doom II, Chex Quest: Galatic Conflict, Strife, Heretic, Hexen).

  •  Emulator for Classic Console Games

Like many of you, we loved Game Boy, NES and other consoles. We wanted to be able to revisit those classic favorites and refresh the experience in an easy and flexible way and GameShell is designed for that. You can add emulators for all of those classic consoles, install your favorite games, and play it anytime and anywhere.

  • Create Your Own Games & Mods

GameShell supports programming languages like preset C, Python, Lua, and LISP. You will be able to modify games and even create new ones as you wish.’

However, GameShell goes beyond just gaming as an end user!

‘More than just a game console, GameShell is designed with 5 independent modules (screen, keypad, mainboard, battery, stereo speaker) and you can use them to learn how to program! 

We understand the frustration when building a work platform using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development boards. Usually, it takes hours to set up before you can really start your work but with the easy to assemble GameShell components, that problem is solved.     

With the capacity of clockwork Pi, there are many creative ways you can modify and develop, such as creating a DIY wireless speaker, programming a remote to control devices, or making smart toys that interact with Lego blocks.’      

But what is GameShell comprised of?

So let’s recap!

This cute but solid looking handheld device has had it’s humble aspirations blown out of the water. Within just a couple of days, clockwork’s goal of $50,000 was far surpassed. Clearly there is a love from fans and a market for this sort of project. You can play free homebrew games, emulators, or you can design your own stuff. These are all going to be shared on forums and websites alike, so there is going to be a good repository of content for this device as well. It’s made up of quality products that potentially beats out other parts that are currently on the market. You can code for it or you can use the modular parts in things of your own designs.

And since it’s modular you can 3D print different shells to go around the stuff as well as purchase new shells, containers, and other things of the like in the future! The best part of all of this, even if you just pledge $5 of your money to help them achieve their stretch goals, they’ll put your name into the system’s code! You’ll be forever immortalized as one of the many who helped bring this project to life. Of course, it’s always encouraged to donate more than the default $5 (and naturally, you’re allowed to donate less, just help out any way that you can)!

And now, for your viewing pleasure; the moment we’ve all been waiting for…the trailer for GameShell!

If you’re ready to back this fantastic DIY, fully programmable, portable, a modular device, click here!


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  1. I hoped that the two nuts on the sides were triggers, because that’s what is often missing in these desing. Well, guess still no luck, no triggers. (I’m thinking in particular for SNES and GBA games, it sucks 🙁 )
    Still, a super interesting project in the sense that it can definitely be more than a game console, but with a nice casing and buttons and all. I like the overall concept.

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