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.his is the last part of the 3 part series made to focus on reviewing some of the stands that are exclusive from Rose Colored Gaming. The last article was on the Nintendo controller stands, the article before that was over PlayStation controller and handheld stands. This one will be over Nintendo Console stands as well as Nintendo handheld stands. I have lots of juicy pictures throughout and links to the product pages if you want to purchase the stands in our article. I’d reviewed a PlayStation TV (PlayStation Vita TV) stand previously if you would like to read that article, I have that right here for you.


As you may have noticed, in my previous review of the PSTV stand, I had just the one item and so I examined every possible aspect about it. I went over appearance, functionality, and durability. Since all of the products that I’m reviewing in my 3 part series are made using the same techniques, they have the same build quality as well. It’s for this reason I intend to skip over durability. I will, however, focus on appearance and functionality since the appearance of them may generally be glossy and acrylic, but they all still have their own shapes and contours. The same can be said with durability as some of them feature much thinner pieces than other models. I want everyone to have the most accurate information possible what I’ve gotten my hands on.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Stand

New Nintendo 3DS XL Stand Itself

The first stand in this article was the New Nintendo 3DS XL. This was probably the most popular gaming handheld for at least a 5-year stint, (sorry Vita) until the Switch came along. So this is a very important stand all around since so many people have this device and probably want to buy one. So I decided to take a longer look at this one versus some of the other stands for some of the less popular gaming devices.

This stand is made up of three pieces in total. You have the base, which this time doesn’t appear as wide as the device, and two arm pieces. The arm pieces are shorter in the front than they are in the back. The front is just supposed to be some small little feet to support the device and keep it from sliding out the front. The back pieces are there to keep the top half of the device upright. I feel as though this stand looks a bit smaller than the device that it’s holding up, it certainly does it and does it well. The pieces all snap together with ease and do not wiggle as some of the other stands did. The downside of this stand is the fact that if you have a clear case like I do or any other case for that matter, you won’t be able to use the stand. This is fine, I understand that they designed the stand to be used with the 3DS in its vanilla state. You may notice in the picture just below that I have the case on my 3DS and its still in the stand. The way I got around this was by opening the 3DS ever so slightly and letting only the inside half rest on the foot and the outside half rest on the outside of the foot.

I think that this stand may be my favorite stand of all of the stands that I’ve reviewed now up to this point. Every complaint that I’ve had about any of the other stands is completely missing from this stand. I leave it on my shelving unit by my front door and grab it on the way out of the house. When I return, so does the 3DS return to its stand. I never personally have to worry about the charging part as I have a car charger for my 3DS. That means when its home, its a great beautiful red thing on my shelves. It makes my 3DS pop so well, I highly recommend it. This is even more of a recommendation than the other stands too since these 3DS’s come in a way range of colors. Get a clear one and put your 3DS on display!


New Nintendo 3DS XL with Case on Stand, Front View
New Nintendo 3DS XL on Stand, Rear View

You can find this stand by click here for $5.99

Nintendo 2DS Stand

2DS Stand Itself

Okay, so this stand is definitely just as cool as the previous stand. Although we can all be honest here, most adults that care about protecting or displaying their stuff probably don’t have a 2DS. If they do, it’s most likely the New 2DS XL which is also nice. With this stand, you again have the three primary pieces. So again, you have the nice and easy assembly as you would expect at this point from Rose Colored Gaming. The two feet on the front are actually quite a bit shorter than the feet on the front of the other stands that I’ve been reviewing. But on the opposite end of that, you have what appear to be much taller arms on the back to counter-balance the weight.

I like the clear again this time around because there are just so many colors out there. What we get with the clear stands is the fact that they don’t detract from the device itself. It leaves us with a focal point, which is the device. I think what I love the most about this stand is how tall it stands physically. I can, however, understand how this may be cumbersome to certain collectors or gamers out there. You may have limited shelf clearance and this would have to sit on a topmost shelf or on top of the shelf. I got lucky though, where I keep a fair amount of these stands has a lot of height. The downside to this is that if I wanted to plug it in while in the stand, I’m not entirely certain that it wouldn’t topple backward if accidentally tugged. It’s just so tall that I feel like there is still an inherent top-heaviness in it.

One fun thing that I did was watch House of Cards while it was on the stand. If you have a small child and want to keep them distracted while you use the primary TV, just put this on the nightstand next to them and turn on a show. This way you don’t run the risk of them falling asleep with it and rolling over onto it while it’s still playing (potential fire hazard). I just think that if you’re imaginative enough, you can get more than just display out of these stands.

2DS on Stand, Front View
2DS on Stand, Rear View

You can find this stand by click here for $5.99

Nintendo Switch Stand

Nintendo Switch Stand Itself

Now, this stand I was intrigued by. It just seemed to me that it would be strange that someone would want to buy a stand for something that already technically has a stand. And not only that, the stand charges the device while it’s sitting there. So what are the major points of appeal when looking at a stand for the Switch? Well, to get the obvious ones out of the way first, I would say sheer style. If you look at the stand, Rose Colored Gaming put in a little extra stuff for us here. Yes, you have the three piece set again. Yes, the acrylic looks clean as heck too. But this time, instead of just the Nintendo Switch logo, which has always been good enough for the other stands, we get more. So in the lower left-hand corner is the Nintendo Switch logo name. In the lower right-hand corner, we get the nice little Switch snap logo picture. I think that that extra bit on there makes all the world of difference and shows RCG’s dedication to the end user.

I don’t take lightly that this clear stand makes the system itself pop and become more noticeable to guests. When it’s in the black dock, it blends in and renders it just another thing in the room. When it’s on the clear stand, it becomes such a talking point. As I get older, these things become more of a thing that I care about. I take care of my devices and I want them on display for people to admire in hopes that they too might want to get one. Or maybe they have one and then you all get to talking about the newest and best games. Maybe you have kids and don’t want them to mess with the Switch just by lifting it up off of the dock while it’s charging or being used. I would say having it up on a higher shelf and propped up in a stand is still the better way to go. Sure you could just store it up on a shelf out of the kid’s way. However, that doesn’t mean that the back of it isn’t getting scratched up every time that you put it down and lift it up off of a wooden shelf.

If you do get this stand, I can’t come close to telling you that you simply will not regret it. This would be a really great situation if your Switch broke out of warranty and you got another one. Put that OG on the stand so he can shine brightly for all to see and you use the new one. Don’t ever pitch an old system that’s been with you for so long, especially when you can display it proudly.

Nintendo Switch on Stand, Front View
Nintendo Switch on Stand, Rear View


You can find this stand by click here for $11.99


NES Classic Edition Single Controller Stand (Shelf Candy)

NES Classic Stand Itself
NES Classic w/out Controllers on Stand

This stand (and the next) are kind of the odd man out. Either you got your hands on an NES Classic or you don’t have one. This Shelf Candy stand is exactly what the title states. It’s one of those situations where I love it so much, but I also want to play my NES Classic! I’ll explain a little bit more in just a moment. But first, let’s talk about the structure of this stand. You have a total count of five pieces that fit together. You have the base, you have two arm pieces, you have a small 1″x1.5″ piece, and then you have a large, wide piece. The two arms snap into the left hemisphere of the stand. You’ll notice a hole between the two arms, nothing goes in that. I’ll come back to that too. The small clear piece goes in a small 1″ slit towards the front of the right hemisphere and the big clear part goes in the back of the right hemisphere. The purpose of the arms is to not only hold up a controller but wrap the cord behind the controller. The hole between the two arms is so that you can “plug” the end of the cord into the base. This keeps the cord clean looking and keeps it from unraveling.

The clear pieces involved in the stand keep the NES Classic held up. The whole thing sits at a lean, with its backside up in the air. This is due to the front clear piece being shorter and the back clear piece being taller. I would say that the reason this is called Shelf Candy is because if you touch the NES Classic at all, it wiggles like SO badly. You really cannot touch it after you’ve lowered the NES Classic onto it. The clear pieces are thin but sturdy. They won’t break, but they need the item to stay still to do their job properly. And that’s why I just said that it’s one of those situations where I’m torn here. I love my NES Classic, but man, this stand makes it look so great. I almost wish that I owned two of them to get the best of both worlds. I would simply not recommend this stand if you’re going to keep using your NES Classic. However, if you are not and you just got it to rub it in…this is the way to go. Hands down, my friend.

NES Classic with Controller on Stand, Front View
NES Classic with Controller on Stand, Rear View

You can find this stand by click here for $16.99

NES Classic Edition Double Controller Stand (Displai Pro)


NES Classic Edition Stand Itself

This stand on the other hand would be the stand that I would go with if you want to both display your NES Classic and use it as well. Let’s start with the whole stand structurally. The whole stand is made up of four parts. You have a base that is very, very wide. It’s just about, if not, a full 11″ wide. The depth of the stand is about half of the width of it. You have four arm pieces. The two smaller arm pieces are made to go in the front holes on the left side of the stand. The two remaining arm pieces are made to go into the back holes on the left side. You’ll still have the hole in between each set of arms. So just as before you have a place to put a controller. This time, you can have two controllers instead of just the one. The hole in between the arms is again, for the end of the cord to plug into and keep it all nice and tidy. I have only one corded controller, but I found that my third party Nyko wireless controller fit perfectly there. I put it in the back position though to keep the Nintendo branding in the front most position.

You’ll notice there are four circular holes on the right half of the base. This is where the four round feet of the NES Classic Edition sit. The reason that I suggest that this stand be the one that you use if you want to display it but also play it is because what I just mentioned. You get a stand that holds both controllers if you own two, and even if you don’t own two, you can remove the back arms until you do. You also get the reaffirmed support of the feet holes. Once the feet are seated in the holes on the right half of the base, they’re essentially one piece. If you accidentally give the controller too hard of a tug, the whole thing shouldn’t come a tumblin’ down. I’m not just recommending this stand to use as a display and play just because. I absolutely have this underneath my TV as a beautiful focal piece, but one that I can pick up and play whenever I want. It’s just too lovely not to do! The best part of all is that it’s only a few dollars more than the previous stand and it’s so dang sturdy.

NES Classic with Controllers on Stand, Front View
NES Classic with Controllers on Stand, Rear View

You can find this stand by click here for $19.99

If you want to see the rest of their products, you can visit Rose Colored Gaming by clicking here.

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