Cursed Castilla EX gets exclusive physical release for the PSVita

A young witch’s sorrow has been corrupted by a malicious demon who uses her tears to open a gateway to hell. Now, the kingdom is threatened as evil floods the countryside. Enter the world of the Cursed Castilla, embroiled in the mysteries of European folklore. You take on the role of Don Ramiro, a knight appointed by King Alphonse VI, and charged with the perilous mission to: travel the cursed lands of Tolomera, banish the creatures that plague them and close the gateway.Set in the Spanish kingdom of Castilla during the Middle Ages, you will be invited to take part in a love letter to Spanish folklore and the best of retro platformers. Here Don Ramiro will face not only legends from the chivalrous romances of Amadis de Gaula but also powerful European mythos brought to life. But even if you survive these challenges, you may end up losing the souls of your companions and even your own if you are not careful!Cursed Castilla EXBut all is not lost! Fate has given you a range of weapons to bring the battle to the heart of the demon. There are secrets to be found and power-ups to be had!

Prepare yourself for a journey into the Cursed Castilla Ex, the extended version of the acclaimed arcade classic Maldita Castilla, created originally by the Spanish developer Locomalito – in collaboration with Abylight Studios.

Limited to 4,000 copies worldwide
Priority pre-order signup will open between 11 am, 2 November and 11 am, 6 November 2017 (GMT +8)

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  • Explore Tolomera del Rey in depth through to 8 game stages
  • Fight against 48+ types of enemies and 19 final bosses
  • Banish the evil invading the Kingdom with 4 different endings
  • Become a seasoned monster hunter with the illustrated bestiary with unlockable information about the legends featured in the game
  • Brag about your combat skills with 15 unlockable achievements
  • Yell your battle cry with songs for the original soundtrack and the remastered audio
  • Revive the glory of the arcade times with 10 different screen view modes

Box Content

  • Cursed Castilla EX Collector’s Box
  • Cursed Castilla EX Game Card
  • Cursed Castilla EX Game Manual
  • Cursed Castilla EX Making of Hardcover Photo Book
  • Cursed Castilla EX Original Soundtrack
  • Cursed Castilla EX Numbered Certificate
  • Cursed Castilla EX x Exclusive Sticker

Further Info

  • Pre-order Price: US$34.99
  • Release date: 21 November 2017
  • Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese
  • Genre: Action
  • Players: 1



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