NES Golf game is hidden inside of the Nintendo Switch

Yesterday a lot of controversies came out about the hidden NES Golf game in the Nintendo Switch. At first, it was thought to be a gag joke but nonetheless, a lot of people were doing all kinds Maneuvers with their joycons to trigger this hidden golf game. 

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User Setery, over at GBATemp stumble upon it and others like developer yellows8 have managed to trigger this NES golf game that started all of this controversy yesterday. Of course, this got other hackers interest and they started to look into this and they found that there was something hidden inside of the Switch. Some say that there nothing, some say there is like I said there was a lot of controversy about this hidden golf game.

Of course hackers dig further and further to find out the results and they do admit that there is a hidden game inside of the Switch and NES emulator. Most of us figured that there was an NES emulator inside of the Switch with the upcoming Classic Mario bros release this month. So that was most of the controversy was about yesterday.


Now, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has left hidden gems/easter eggs inside their systems or accessories like the pro controllers PBC board message and the Nintendo’s classic mini source code. So could this be another Hidden Gem/Easter egg inside of the Nintendo switch or something that they had planned but failed? So far NES GOLF is looking to be very real and its also has a 2-player mode, check out the log from below.


This is the system “flog” 01008BB00013C000 title. This is a NES emulator. Installed on retail systems since 1.0.0.

The titleID for “flog” is used by 3 funcs in qlaunch: 1 for checking whether to launch it, 1 for launching(?), and 1 that compares flog titleID with a field.

The ROM is not loaded via FS but is embedded in the main binary.

“flog” == “golf” backwards. This runs the NES “Golf” game. {1/2}-player via joy-con is supported. Controls are “d-pad” buttons + stick, however motion control while holding the Z{L/R} button is also supported instead of using buttons.

Official Launch:

The checks for this only run while Home Menu is active, aka main-menu.

It checks exactly the following:

  • Both Joy-Cons must be detached from the system.
  • The same motion checks for both Joy-Cons must pass, at the same time. The motion seems to be a reference to this. Hold the Joy-Cons pointing forwards/downwards, then move Joy-Cons to a vertical position, and hold it there for a bit. The Joy-Con grip can be used for this.
  • The month+day must match the date of Iwata’s death: July 11. The loaded date originates from network-time-sync’d time, regardless of whether the user has it enabled or not. When the system was never connected to the Internet, it comes from the user-specified date instead.
  • The output from a certain function must return 0, 1, or 2. On one system this was tested with, this check would pass.
  • Lastly a nsam cmd is used. Probably to verify that the title is installed?

Once everything passes it continues to the code which launches(?) flog.

Whats your take on this lately easter egg and have you be able to access this NES Golf on your Nintendo Switch, lets us know in the comments below.

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