NES Classic is Coming Back & SNES Classic Production has increased

So this article is a two in one because we here at Hackinformer love to disperse good information that we care about as fast as we can do it! And since there is a lot to talk about in this article, I’m going to skip the fancy pants introduction and get started!

Remember the NES Classic that was released Holiday 2016 for $60? Do you also remember that said console also ceased production in April 2017 and announced that they would sell off any remaining stock? There were loads of articles talking about how Nintendo was making a tremendous mistake. Well now, we can all rest easy (and not buy any clones, knock offs, or scalped NES Classics) because Nintendo has officially announced the return of the NES Classic in 2018. In case you needed a reminder about why people went crazy for it and give it almost a full five stars I have the features list just below. And below that, to get you even more pumped I have the trailer for it!

‘Save your game with Suspend Points

Pick up right where you left off with four Suspend Point slots for each game. Just press the Reset button while playing to return to the HOME menu and save your progress to a slot. Have a perfect run going? You can lock your save file and resume at a later time so there’s no danger of losing your progress.

Choose your look with Display Modes

  • CRT filter: Looks like an old TV, scan lines and all.
  • 4:3: Gives you the original NES game look, with a slight horizontal stretch.
  • Pixel Perfect: Each pixel is a perfect square, so you see the games exactly as designed.
  • Play NES games the way they’re meant to be played—with a full-size “original” controller. The included NES Classic Controller can also be used with NES Virtual Console games on your Wii™ or Wii U™ console by connecting it to a Wii Remote™ controller.’

But that’s not all! The SNES Classic was announced for release in later this month and had a similar feel as the NES Classic did in terms of its scarcity. The game console has not even been released yet and it has already been completely sold out. Within the hour that pre-orders saw the light of day, they shuttered closed and most people that wanted one simply couldn’t get one. This gives way to scalpers buying and reselling at not just higher costs, but exorbitant rates! Some people on eBay are selling their pre-ordered SNES Classics at 5 times the amount that they were purchased at. We even saw completely reputable companies like ThinkGeek bundling their garbage “collectibles” and “accessories” with the SNES Classic just to sell the stuff off, knowing full well that people would buy it assuming that Nintendo would pull the same stuff as last time.

But now, President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime stated that customers wanting an SNES Classic should hold off buying anything from scalpers (and I would say you should cancel your ThinkGeek $400 bundle preorder). He mentioned that people who want an SNES Classic should be able to get their hands on one because the system will be readily available and added that Nintendo has “dramatically increased” production for SNES Classic stock. All of this is great news. And just like I got you pumped with the features and trailer of the NES Classic, I figured I’d give you the same treatment for the SNES Classic down below!

‘You’ve been waiting a long time for this.

Trust us, it was worth the wait.

The Super NES Classic Edition system looks and feels just like the original ’90s home console, except it’s super small. Play 20 classic Super NES games plus *gasp* the never-before-released Star Fox™ 2 game!

Two wired Super NES™ Classic Controllers are included for instant multiplayer action.

Yep, you read that right: two controllers. Play some of the best 2-player games of the era, including Super Mario Kart™ and Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting.


An all-new feature lets you rewind a minute or more based on your game’s last suspend point. Each game can save up to four suspend points.

My Game Play Demo

This new demo mode will replay your saved Suspend Points as part of the demo game footage instead of using built-in demos.


Wrap a cool border around your game with the new Frame feature. Some of the frames change color based on the game being played.

The Super NES Classic Edition is compatible with the Classic Controller™ and Classic Controller Pro™ accessories (sold separately). Just plug it in and play!’

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