New redesign SD2Vita adapter coming soon.

Right now the market seems to be flooded with SD2VITA adapters from eBay to modchip stores but right now we only have the original prototype by XYZ and the newly updated one by Gadorach.

It seems everyone is scrambling to make a case for the original design without having to redesign the whole PCB board. Which is not good in my opinion as they should change the circuit layout and more. I know a lot of you’ve probably seen them over on eBay or other places but this isn’t the design you all have been waiting for. 

I know a lot of you are waiting for something that looks just like the original PSVita game card and I got great news for you as they are in the works from our friend Gadorach. So don’t rush out to buy these other adapters with printed plastic covers. If you’ve been waiting this long all ready for the real thing why not just wait a little bit longer to get what you really want. Also if the adapter is not made right it could hurt the pins on the Vita itself and damage it to where the game slot does not work anymore and that would suck big time.

Gadorach Design:

As soon as the adapters are ready to go or available on the market we will let you know but for the meantime just be patient as the real thing is coming soon. If you can’t wait I recommend using this post here to get your own SD2Vita adapters done.

PSVita: How to buy your own SD2Vita PCB boards


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  1. its always good to have patience with these kind of things, ill just keep waiting for a good final product.

  2. I do agree that my case isn’t a perfect solution. I did make the files for the case freely available, I designed it to fill a current need. I welcome a better product and will likely buy the final one.

  3. really dont care what it looks like i bought 10 sd2vita cards for $11
    so why would i wanna spend substantially a good bit more for basically the same thing
    always someone hungry for money but always a idiot who is willing to pay