Switch Update 3.0.1 fixes smhax, Do NOT Update if you want SwitchHax

If you looked on Twitter yesterday you might’ve noticed a tweet by Twitter User @daeken which warned everyone to not update to Switch Firmware 3.0.1 if they want Switch Hax.

This has now been confirmed by more people of the scene together with a short description of this amazing bug which was in a way also present on the 3DS up to Firmware 7.0. Funny to see Ninty still doing old mistakes.

Here is the Description and successful exploitation result from switchbrew:

Summary Description Successful exploitation result Fixed in system version Last system version this flaw was checked for Timeframe this was discovered Public disclosure timeframe Discovered by
sm:h, smhax, probably other names (SM:Initialize() not checked) Prior to 3.0.1, the service manager (“sm”) built-in system module treats a user as though it has full permissions if the user creates a new “sm:” port session but bypasses initialization.In 3.0.1, “sm” returns error code 0x415 if Initialize has not been called yet. Acquisition, registering, and unregistering of arbitrary services 3.0.1 3.0.1 April 2017 August 17, 2017 Everyone

As you can see this was a huge bug that which, as described by @hedgeberg, is nearly as good as full kernel control.

So if you haven’t updated your Switch just yet but want to be able to use SwitchHax sooner or later do NOT update your Switch. If anything new is found out, I’ll post it as soon as I can.

Source: All the Devs mentioned here on Twitter

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