E3 2017 Day 6:Show Floor Final Highlights

Now that we’ve reached the last leg of E3, all of the press conferences are over, but there’s still information coming out on the show floor. This means games that got no stage time, potentially any hardware that is on the show floor, and just anything we found cool as hell that we think you may as well.

E3 2017

Sonic Forces:

Sony showed off more of Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania at this E3. We even got to stop by the Sega booth on the show floor and snap a few pictures to satisfy you, oh mighty readers. Then, just because I like you, I added in the aforementioned gameplay for both Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania.


They announced the XBOX One X a few days back to fairly big approval from XBOX fans. Microsoft stated that they would support all current accessories for it as well.  However, they also stated that the physical form factor of the device would be physically smaller than the XBOX One S. This comes into play in one factor, which is the vertical stand issue. Microsoft said that they intend on having it stand vertically, but they also stated that it will have to be a whole new stand. They said that it will retail at $20.00, but it does not currently have a product page for it, so maybe it is something further down the road yet. Until then, you can tide yourself over with Microsoft’s XBOX One X reveal trailer again.

Sushi Striker-The Way of Sushido:

Nintendo just keeps coming out with more and more games for their Nintendo 3DS family. And now, they announced another one during Nintendo Treehouse Live. This one seems to have an artstyle that of Elite Beat Agents. But the game play seems to be something closer to a puzzle game mixed with Diner Dash. It’s hard to say, but the trailer is nice and has a catchy song! It’s coming in 2018.

Gundam Versus:

This week has brought us a lot of heavy hitters and big franchises and Gundam is no different. Our favorite Gundam series is back with an all-new game; Gundam Versus. Sony got hands-on with the game and brought us a 13-minute gameplay trailer so you can drool over the new game and everything that comes with it. 


PlayStation announced another game for their PS4 console. In this game, you are playing as one of the world’s last defenders. Travel anywhere you’d like, or wall run, or use your whip as a vault to pull off totally awesome air attacks. You’ll have to become a master of combat maneuvers to be able to take on the giant beasts. There’s definitely a lot of skill building using skill trees. This trailer will do much better at explaining for you.

PSVR Accessories:

Time and time again, we’ve seen HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets get various accessories. Now, tech company Bionik is releasing a wrap around headset that is intended to be seamless with the actual PSVR. They intend on releasing it in July of 2017.

Lost Sphear:

Here is yet another game announced earlier but shown off at E3. It will be released on multi-platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. On the PS4, there will be a PSVR iteration. It’s a great looking Square Enix game that features that classic Final Fantasy 3rd person, pulled back camera angles. It features a clearly robust story for us to unravel. I can’t wait for this game to come out at all! Looky here.

Elder Scrolls 6:

With the addon of Morrowind to Elder Scrolls Online, the release of Skyrim for the Switch, and Skyrim VR, everyone has been asking Bethesda when are we getting a new dedicated ES game? Bethesda has actually previously confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 is going to happen, but nothing more than that. Pete Hines, an executive at Bethesda Games was asked, yet again about it. To which he calmly replied, “The Elder Scrolls VI will eventually be made. It is multiple big releases down the plan for those folks.” That means that they have a queue of games that they need to make first before they even get back to touch the franchise. But while on the topic of Skyrim VR, it is coming out in 2017. We have a trailer for you,naturally.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC:

Final Fantasy XV’s newest DLC, titled Episode Prompto, is…different. I certainly wouldn’t say different in a bad way anyhow. Let me set the scene for you. Prompto is already a trigger happy guy, whether it’s his on his camera or when he’s using his handguns in battle, Prompto his firing away. Well now, Square Enix has taken that to the next level. In the newest gameplay trailer, you see Prompto with a automatic rifle and with the camera angle that follows him, you essentially now have a 3rd person shooter. Not something unusual for Square Enix as a publisher, but certainly strange for modern day Final Fantasy.

Super Mario Odyssey Co-op:

We already saw the fantastically beautifully fun gameplay trailer during the Nintendo Spotlight event. But now, on top of that, Nintendo has announced another great feature for it; co-op. I ain’t fibbin! One person uses Mario with one Joycon controller and the other Joycon will let you control Cappy. They explain that since Cappy isn’t setting on Mario’s head, that he does a different special move when you press the same button that normally is reserved for throwing Cappy. Mario is the only one that collect Moons though, so Cappy can’t touch the moon. Additionally, Cappy is invincible, so you can use Cappy as defense on Mario.  Anyway, I’m gonna give you the gameplay video from the ultra popular Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3. But I’m also take the opportunity to post some of the pictures that the Hackinformer crew took!


The third time’s the charm! That’s right, we came across he Danganronpa V3 booth at E3 and watched people get down on the game. And dude, don’t worry, if you are jealous and stuff, we totally have some pictures from the show floor and a whole new trailer for you.

 Nintendo Switch Accessories:

We saw probably the most purchasable accessory for the Nintendo Switch so far. Biotek is bringing us a USB to ethernet stick for the inside of your Switch Dock. This will be much more seamless and look as though it matches your Switch dock more cleanly. There is no cost or release date that has been mentioned at this point and time.

That’s it for the last day!

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