How to boot PSP Games and PS1 Games straight from the Livearea with Adrenaline

Remember the good old ePSP days on Vita where you could launch PSP Games and Homebrew straight from the Vitas Livearea? Well even though we got adrenaline we still couldn’t start those games from the Livearea. But this is going to change now thanks to Leecherman’s AdrenalineBubbleBooter.


How to install:
You’ll need to be on Firmware 3.60 with Henkaku and Adrenaline installed
1. Download and extract AdrenalineBubbleBooter. Copy the “adrbblbooter” folder to your PSVita Memory Card (ux0:)

2. Open your config.txt. Add “ux0:adrbblbooter/adrbblbooter.suprx” to your Cloned Game (In my case that’s NPEZ00194).

If you don’t want to see the Adrenaline Start Image just write: “ux0:adrbblbooter/adrbblbooter_nostartdat.suprx”.

3. Restart your Vita or Reload the config.txt in the Henkaku Settings:

4. Go to the “ux0:adrbblbooter/bubblesdb” folder, create a text file and name it after the ID of the Game you want to use to autoboot games. For example, I’m using NPEZ00194 which is one of my Cloned Bubbles. So it would look like this: “ux0:adrbblbooter/bubblesdb/NPEZ00194.txt”. To look up your PSP Game ID just go to ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME and find the game you want to make to an autoboot bubble.

Open the created .txt file in notepad and add the full path to the ISO\CSO\PBP\PSOne game into it (you can change/update the path anytime). The Path needs to be in PSP Format which means it has to look like this for example: “ms0:/PSP/GAME/FILER/EBOOT.PBP” or as in my case: “ms0:/ISO/Persona 3 Portable.iso”.

5. Now just launch the Basegame you used and it should automatically launch the specified Homebrew/PSP Game/ISO or PSOne Game.

This is really great since you can just start PSP Homebrew or Games from the Livearea again. If you want to customize the new Autoboot Bubbles you can use this tool to create PBOOT.PBP’s to change the look of your Bubbles

If you wish to support Leecherman for all his nice little tools you can donate him some money here:

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  1. PoliteTimesplitter

    Some people – myself included – are having some problems with this. After following the instructions, some of us are left with bubbles that…just boot Adrenaline. They don’t boot into the ISO or EBOOT or PS1 game. Depending on if we point the config.txt to adrbblbooter or the nostartdat variant, the Adrenaline bootscreen will or won’t appear, but in both cases it just launches the pspemu / XMB environment.

    I have tried this trying to boot ISOs and EBOOTs, and I’ve tried using cloned bubbles (the BIGHEADSNOOKER ones from CelesteBlue’s ePSP bubble installer app) and on a legit PSP game loaded on vita (Final Fantasy II) and all results have given me the ‘just launching adrenaline’ issue. I’ve even tried after fully uninstalling and reinstalling Adrenaline, to be sure. I know at least one other person has had this *exact* issue.

    Anyone have any potential fixes, or at least has anyone else had this experience?

    • From what I tested that bug is caused by a not correctly named file in ux0:adrbblbooter/bubblesdb/. Make sure that you correctly named the .txt file with the ID of the Bubble you also set Adrenaline up for and then it should work

      • PoliteTimesplitter

        Hey, I appreciate the response. That probably IS the error – given that I get the same result if I move the txt out of there or change it to gobbledegook, but I’m absolutely positive my .txt is named correctly, after EPSP00001 and positive my path is correct to my ISO, even compared it to the example file to make sure.

        I’ve taken some images of the relevant filenames in vitashell – I’m positive that everything adds up, I’ve triple-checked, but maybe there’s something missing, and if not, could it be another error?

        • If you only want PSP games to boot use the Ark pboot trick, works every time.

          • PoliteTimesplitter

            I used to use the ARK autoboot for my ISOs, actually, so I was pleasantly surprised when this came out so I can have all the better features of Adrenaline and PS1 booting. Just have to get it working now!

        • Does the Autobot Bubble work with your ULES00987 Game? If not I’ll continue thinking about why this doesn’t work 🙂

          • PoliteTimesplitter

            Ah, I should have mentioned that, no, it doesn’t. ULES00987 is a downloaded-from-PS3 legit install of Final Fantasy II. I added that one and a .txt for it to test if it was a problem with using duped BigHeadSnooker bubbles, and the FF2 bubble gives me the same issue – just booting adrenaline rather than the game itself.

            A new version was released the other night so I’ll give that a try, and some people have had success by copying over the example eboot and subbing in their respective Game IDs, so I’ll try those tonight. I just can’t see anything standing out as going wrong. Thanks for your patience!

    • I am having the same problem as PoliteTimeSplitter. I somehow got it to work yesterday by replacing my config.txt with the example included in the v0.2 archive but then i discovered some of my games would crash with the C1-1258-3 Error so i had to reinstall Adrenaline ever since i have reinstalled it i have been unable to get this to work again it just keeps booting the XMB i ever went as far as to factory format my entire vita reinstall Henkaku install Adrenaline using the Same PSP DEMO that i used for Adrenaline when it worked. My Auto boot bubbles are made with ePSP bubble installer. Currently i have my PSP Demo as Adrenaline, I have 1 ePSP Bubble (NPEZ00104) in mu config.txt i have:

      # You must reboot (KERNEL plugins) for changes to take place.

      # henkaku.skprx is hard-coded to load and is not listed here

      # main is a special titleid for SceShell

      # this is for modifying the version string

      # this is for modifying the version string in settings widget

      # this is a an example title-id of base psp game bubble or cloned psp bubble

      # this is the Adrenaline Base

      in ux0:\adrbblbooter\bubblesdb

      i have 1 txt file named

      Inside the File i have


      u have rebooted the vita numerous times but launching the clone bubble results in it loading the XMB instead of autbooting my game

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