Simple PBOOT Creator for those custom bubbles on the PSVita

There another great tool by leecherman for those custom bubbles. So you can make they look just like you want them too, with the simple Pboot creator for the PSVita.


 Download: SimplePBOOTCreator.v0.2

Read me: Just Drag’n’Drop *.ISO, *.PBP, *.SFO files to the first input field to fetch the files from it. Press on the Save icon to Save the new created PBOOT.PBP file.

newpic copy

The supported image files are:

*.PNG, *.JPG, *.JPEG, *.BMP, *.GIF

If the image dimension larger\smaller than the default size ( 144×80, 80×80 )

This tool will automatically resize it.

If you like any of leecherman softwares or mod versions of plugins for PSP device, and appreciate his work, a Dontation using PayPal will be appreciated.
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  1. can i use this with patapon 2 exploit on 3.36?

  2. how do i clone a base game so i can keep using a small base game