Review: L2 R2 grip cover for PSVita 1000

Today I want to present you the NEW L2 R2 grip cover for Ps Vita 1000. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s an accessory made by Japanese Joetsu Electronic that allows you to add the forever cried L2 and R2 buttons on your PSVitas.

img_1836.jpegThe new model is a bit different from the previous (that I’ve reviewed here). This one has a front cover that protects your ps vita to slip off the grip if it fells to the ground. It feels like more secure in your hands and gives a certain stability during hard playing

The material is always in plastic but the response of the buttons is almost perfect like the previous model. It fits perfectly to the body of PSVita and gives the right space to buttons and display.

Here’s a small video to see it working

If you want you can get it on and use our coupon code: informer…

 Click here to go right to JOETSU Elec Amazon Store Front.



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