Download Enabler for PSVita released!!

TheFloW is back at it again. He just won’t stop with the fantastic gifts that he crafts for the PlayStation Vita family of products. This time around he has brought us something that has been in high demand since the inception of HENkaku. This time, in his big bag of goodies, he’s brought us the best gift of all; the gift of a plugin called DownloadEnabler.

The title of the plugin pretty much gives away the whole article, but for those who want the official information of what DownloadEnabler is, I’m here for you. Up until now, on a fully modified 3.60 PlayStation Vita or PSTV running HENkaku or taiHENkaku, you could not download files freely from the internet through the web browser. We thought to ourselves, “if we could only do that, we have a full file browser, so we could install things straight on the Vita”. Well now you fricken can!  There are is a small caveat though. At this moment in time you cannot download certain things. TheFloW explains it a bit better, ‘There is, however, a bug in the web browser that makes secure links inaccessible, therefore not all files can be downloaded.’ Since the release of this TheFloW has tweeted out some things to us already.

So as you can see, at this point in time, we cannot download Secure download links. But TheFloW has already reassured us that the bug will be squashed in his next release. The only downside is we don’t quite know when that will be. The download link is at the bottom of this page, but first, here are the official instructions straight from the man himself.


Copy download_enabler.suprx to ux0:tai and write the path to *main as follows

*main ux0:tai/download_enabler.suprx 

Reboot your device and enjoy your improved web browser.’

So if you’re interested right now, here is the link to follow to his github page. If you’re waiting for the next revision to come around, we’ll let you know the instant that it does.

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  1. TOTAL NOOB has done it again! 😉

  2. Works like a charm….as always. Just need support for 7z in VitaShell now.

  3. Is this will work on psvita 3.63?

    • I was trying to specify only 3.60 with HENkaku and taiHENkaku so that everyone would understand that that’s the only usuable way at this point in time. I might have failed in terms of clarity. I apologize. Now, as to whether or not the future holds something more for 3.63 users, I don’t know. But if it ends up being able to be run on other firmwares, you’ll hear about it first here on our website.

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